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Hi all visitors!

Anyone and everyone that has played on the COD2 {NADF} CTF eXtreme Server may have noticed, that we play with the eXtreme+ V2.6 mod. But we have some special features which we have implemented that are  NOT included in the normal eXtreme+ V2.6. Some feature are known from the eXtreme+ V2.7 mod, but they are still features, which you will not find in the official release from the eXtreme+ crew.

We - the {NADF} Clan - have decide to share some basic features and content for the COD2 Community.

The following mods updates we currently offer:
We will be extending our map database through time to add more and more mod updates. Our target is to try to make the mod updates compitalbe with a minimum of the last 2 versions for the eXtreme+ mod. The current version we support are V2.6, V2.7, V2.8 and V2.9 (new!).

Kind Regards,
{NADF} Clan

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