eXtreme+ Flagcarrier kills

{NADF} eXtreme - Flagcarrier kills

When you would like to have the action "Flagcarrier kills" logged for the gametype CTF then you can use our "Flagcarrier kills" update package.
It is compatible to the eXtreme+ Version 2.7eXtreme+ Version 2.8 and eXtreme+ Version 2.9. The Ultrastats Versions 0.3.15 and 0.3.16 were successfull tested with this update package.

Ultrastats - Round detail page:

Flagcarrier kills

Enjoy our Flagcarrier kills update package!
Please note that the supplied update contains no branding in frontend of the {NADF} Clan.

All installation instructions are in the "readme" which is included with the download files. Do not hesitate to ask for help in our forum for this update package.

Old Versions:

  • eXtreme+ Version 2.7 (Last update: Version 1.0 - 24.11.2013)
  • eXtreme+ Version 2.8 (Last update: Version 1.0 - 24.11.2013)

Old Versions are not longer supported. If you still need an older version, please ask in our forum for it.

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