eXtreme - Mod updates from {NADF} - COD2

Hello dear COD2 Community,

after a bit of time, we are proud to announce, that we have created another map thumbnails update for the eXtreme Mod. In total we are offering now 585 (!) map thumbnails for COD2 and the progress of doing more images are going on : )

We have updated the installation guide, to make it (hopefully) easier to install this update package.

If you like, take a look here: http://extreme.nadfserver.org/eXtreme-mapvote-thumbnails
or take a look there: http://extreme.nadfserver.org/extreme-next-map

The images contain no branding of {NADF} Clan.
Map names are made easier to read by removing colour codes, clan tags and any other extraneous text. Version numbers are also removed to make these images compatible with previous, or future, versions of each map. 
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to join our forum at http://nadfserver.org/forum and ask us.

Enjoy the gaming!

{NADF} Clan

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